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Elite Aviation Products focuses on customer-centric product solutions, supply-availability, and a commitment to total customer satisfaction. We look forward to becoming strategic extensions of your business!


About Us

Welcome to ELITE AVIATION PRODUCTS, your premier aircraft component design, engineering and manufacturing company committed to providing cost competitive, quality manufacturing, and customer-centric solutions to its clients. Here at Elite we pride ourselves on our ability to become strategic extensions of our customers; truly embedded partners capable of the agile and diligent support required in this ever changing, always evolving, dynamic and exciting environment. Our goal is to offer full- service product solutions with unparalleled customer service and support; the Elite Difference.

Elite Aviation Products is pleased to showcase it’s superb fleet of 5 Axis CNC and Swiss Turning machines to its customers. Reinforcing Elite’s commitment to technological and innovative prowess, Elite prides itself on its embedded partnerships with industry leading machine producers to ensure it’s at the forefront of the latest advances in the dynamic world of manufacturing technology.
As evident in our AS9100 Rev C and ISO9001 certification, Elite Aviation Products is committed to maintaining the highest level of quality standards in the marketplace. Our Quality Management System is structured around:
  • Visual flow charts for all processes
  • Lean architecture for efficient usage
  • Step-by-step logic ensuring cultural absorption
  • Hyperlinked forms/processes for easy navigation
  • KPI gates and reporting for all processes
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Daily Layered Accountability

Our Capabilities

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Advanced Milling
Swiss-Turned Fastening
Wire EDM
Quality Management

DMG Mori Seiki NVX 5080 with tool presetter

A vertical machining center designed for heavy cutting. The NVX 5080 boasts 13,000 RPM and 30 tool storage capacity as well as increased accuracy through advanced coolant distribution. This milling machine also has greater efficiency due to a drastic reduction in power consumption.

Tsugami B0206 with bar feeder

The 6-axis B0206-II is a convertible Swiss turn machine that comes with Y2 capabilities for added flexibility. It offers 25 tool positions, simultaneous back milling and machine operations, and reduced cycle times.

Sodick VZ500L

The VZ500L Wire EDM features Sodick’s linear motor Technology, which provides no backlash and are vibration-free, this results in machining accuracy combined with a fine surface finish. The medium sized VZ500L is specially designed for versatile machining.

DMG Mori Seki Dual Vertical 5100 with 4th axis

The DuraVertical 5100 is a highly accurate, reliable, and powerful vertical machining center with the largest table in its class. With 12,000 RPM and a wide cutting platform, this tool is ideal for low depth cuts. This results in faster cutting times, higher control, and longer tool life.

DMU 50

A modern, efficient, and technological powerhouse, the DMU 50 offers all the classic features of a top shelf 5 axis CNC machine, while possessing certain feature refining characteristics such as a performance enhancing NC swivel rotary table, high rigidity, large bearing diameter in the B and C-axis, and a load weight of 661.4 lbs. With a fixed table clamping service of 27.6 X 19.7 inches, and a speed range of up to 18,000 rpms, the DMU 50 is sure to exceed the expectations of any requirement within its impressive capabilities.

Tsugami B0326 with bar feeder

The 6-axis B0326-II is a 32 mm opposed gang tool lathe with live face and cross tool positions in a modular zone as well as an 8,000 RPM main spindle. Designed for quick changeovers, this machine is ideal for short, complex parts that require flexible machining.



7.10.7 SF Hexagon (CMM)

  • PC-Dmis
  • Edge Finders
  • Deltronic gage pins
  • Screw thread pitch micrometers
  • Optical comparator with 10X, 20X, 50X zoom capabilities

Behind The Service Our Team

Dustin Tillman

Dustin Tillman

President, CEO

Zeeshawn Zia

Zeeshawn Zia